What hair type and how to care

I have super thick, curly hair. I think im at a 2b and 2c. I dont think ive really taken care of my curls all that great. Id love to start. What are good beginner things to try. Ive started the cotton tshirt trick...do i stop using brushes, where do start with my haircare?

1 Answer

I have 2b hair as well and I've finally gotten to a point where my curls are really healthy. I have not used heat for over a year or a hair brush in 3 years. Both made my hair soft and start curling better. The third thing I did was start using a leave-in conditioner, which has made a huge difference. I would recommend any conditioner that has shea butter in it. I also use a mousse every day that I want to wear my hair down, which just defines my curls better. If you have trouble getting your hair to curl or you want to take a shower at night, section your hair into 8 sections and start making small buns and secure them with bobby pins. They can be a little uncomfortable, but they really do the trick. I hope that's all helpful!