Hair type has changed and I'm not sure how to care for it

Growing up I always thought I had straight hair. A couple years ago I had my first child and suddenly my hair is growing in various levels of wavy. As I've started researching, I realize looking back that my hair has probably always had some wave, but it is way more now.But it isn't even - the top of my head and all along the hair line is 2A, while the rest is more 2B. Best I can tell from looking at the typing charts on here, I have low porosity (maybe very slightly into medium porosity). It is medium-high density (I've always gotten comments from hairdressers about how much hair I have). My hair was always fine to medium, but as it has gotten wavier it is more medium to coarse. I really have no idea how to care for it in a way that encourages the curl. I've been considering perming it just so it is all more obviously wavy, since there is such a difference in the amount of wave, but I'd rather avoid the damage if I can, it's just the half wavy/half straight is driving me nuts (top looks straight when brushed).Any suggestions for encouraging the wave without a perm would be greatly appreciated!

1 Answer

I have the same thing with the top of my hair much straighter than underneath! I just live with it. Not interested in the chemical damage of a perm and what it would look like half way grown out! When I started following the Curly Girl Method my waves perked up! Look it up on YouTube. Rockyn Curls is a good one to check on YT as well as The Polished Curl. Eliminating certain ingredients and following certain steps like detangling in shower, using a satin pillowcase, etc all help! Good luck! ;)