What hair type do you think I have? I thought 2B but I'm not so sure.

I use only Fructis Gel and my hair stays really frizzy and dry all day long. My curls are gone the next day and I wish I could find a product that could help me with this. What do you recommend? If I don't use anything my hair is totally frizzy and ugly.

1 Answer

Please add some photos and I can tell you what curl type you might have.  Remember typing sometimes is only an indication of your curl type, rather than your overall hair type.  Also, where do you live? The climate may have something to do with the frizz.  But remember frizz is the hair's way of trying to grab for more moisture.  Make sure you are using a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner and do a light deep treatment mask every 6 weeks or so.Try Frizz Control Products and see if they help.  You may need to restyle everyday.  Or on day 2, refresh your curls with a water based leave in conditioner spray and then reapply a light gel to rejuvenate those curls.  Let me know what you think!