my hair used to be wavy curls then I grew it really long and cut 3 inches an its barley curling help

1 Answer

I would advice you to get a haircut designed for your hair type, just explained to your stylist what you want and ask them to keep the length and wait a few weeks until it grows back and pattern starts to form.Same thing happened to me, I went for a trim and then my hair lost definition; so I went to another stylist she got a look at my hair, told me they had totally messed it up, that she will fix it and leave the length because my hair was in the growing face ( I don't know how can she tell that), anyway after a few days I didn't see any major changes but after a week I saw it started to curl up again.Besides getting the right haircut you should also condition your hair, do weekly conditioning treatments (deep conditioning, protein conditioning). And don't forget you may be using products that are too hard on your hair, so check the ingredients and do changes if necessary.