My hair is usual type 2b-2c, recently after I got my hair cut my hair was lost its curl pattern.

after getting my hair cut and thinned out as my hair dresser recommended my hair has a little wave in it but nothing like my natural 2b-2c curls. How can I fix this?

1 Answer

Oh bummer! I'm assuming she washed and conditioned and used some products on your hair. So, you might need to use a sulfate shampoo to clarify it and then start in on CG approved products only (without silicones, sulfates, paragons, mineral oil, alcohol, etc) and see if that helps. Keep the ends well hydrated! Honestly getting it cut dry by a curly hair experienced stylist my be your best way back --no thinning out and no slicing in! Best of luck!!!-----------------------2c (2b @ crown) fine, low-medium density, low porosity (protein sensitive), color treatedWash: V05 PomegranateRO Cond: GVP CB or Swanson's 90% Argan Oil CondLI Cond: KCKT or Gio DLI, Gels/Potions: KCCC, As I Am Curling Jelly, Tresemme Extra hold gel, DCUltraCoconut oil makes my hair crispy!