Is my hair wavy?

If I comb my hair after I shower it dries straight, if I don't comb it, it dries with a slight wave. If I twist it up and sleep on it, it stays wavy for at least a day without any product. Does this classify my hair as wavy?

1 Answer

Without a picture, it's hard to tell (it might be hard to tell regardless). It wouldn't say the wave staying in after you twist it is a  great indicator of hair type as the twist might have styled it into keeping the wave. I'd probably lean towards not.... but if you really want to know, you might want to try the curly girl method. A lot of wavy-haired people report increased wave/curl  when they start this method. If your hair is naturally wavy, there's a good chance you'll notice the wave becoming more pronounced. If it's straight, it won't (or  shouldn't) make your hair magically wavy.