How to get a haircut for thin, 2a(ish) hair?

Hello! I'm going to get a haircut and I'm wondering what kind I should get. I'm fifteen and still struggling to manage my hair. My hair is a bit odd. It used to be a 3b, but now it is very straight in the inch closest to my scalp, then it has tight waves, and then tight curls. The tight waves don't wave from side to side, but closer to and away from my neck, as if I crimped my hair. I want a haircut that will help to even out my hair's texture. My hair is a bit fine. I use heat products about once a month, and I wash my hair (no shampoo, sometimes ACV) everyday as it gets very greasy. My current haircut is three inches below my shoulders with no layers. So, my question is, should I get long, short, or no layers? There are no curly hair salons in my area, btw. Thanks so much!

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