Haircut and frizz control advise, please?

My hair is 2c/3a and the front but the back is just a wavy, frizzy mess. Could someone possibly give me any advice as to how to reduce the frizz and make it more consistent (and curly)? Also, would it look okay if I grew it longer? Should I get like a Vcut or layers or something? It isn't particularly voluminous so I guess it could just look unkempt and scraggy. I'm scared if I cut it short it would go into a crazy frizzball and never grow back.I use silicone & sulphate free conditioner and shampoo and deep condition once a week with coconut oil, honey, etc. I can't really spend money on expensive products though. I haven't tried going without shampoo yet, so perhaps I should.Anyway, sorry for the ramble, poor photo and general cluelessness. Thanks for reading.

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