Have You Had Success Co-Washing or Using a Cleansing Conditioner?

I have 2a hair I believe, which is pretty dry and frizzy. I have tried 3 cleansing conditoners: As I Am Cleansing Conditioner, Devacurl cowash, and a L'oreal conditioning cleanser. My hair is dry from washing it every day, though I stopped several months ago. I have tried briefly using conditioner to wash but my hair gets oily quickly, I suspect from over production of oils. I don't use products with silicone or sulfates also.

5 Answers

Do you use styling products? That could be what's drying your hair.
no for the past couple months all I've used are a couple different oils and occasionally, though not recently a moisturizing mousse (which never really moisturized). It seems like any cleansing product I used really dries out my hair, even though I put jojoba oil throughout my hair last night the l'oreal cleansing conditioner I used  this morning still really dried out my hair. Although I used Shea moisture curl smoothie, that maybe could have dried it out 
Maybe try using just a conditioner to co-wash instead of cleansing conditioners and co-wash conditioners and an apple cider vinegar rinse to cleanse your hair and scalp. I alternate between Aussie Moist and Giovanni 50/50 and they both work great. My hair/scalp in naturally oily too. Also try adding several drops of peppermint essential oil to your current oils. It will help normalize the oil production in your hair and scalp. I'm not sure if you do this or not already but you can also try deep conditioning your hair once a week too to help your hair retain moisture so you don't have to add oils as often.
Have you tried just shampooing your scalp and deep condioning your hair with a protein free conditioner and heat? What porosity is your hair? For example, my hair only deep conditions with conditioner and heat because it is low porostiy. Shea butter dries my hair out and it is protein sensitive. You many have all of these symptoms or some.
I guess it might be low porosity, although perhaps my ends are high porosity? I don't know haha. I was actually thinking about trying a protein treatment though because I was reading about all the good things it can do! I've never really checked to see if the conditioner I use is protein free though . I think I might try cowashing, I really think there isn't a shampoo that won't dry out my hair