Help where did my waves go after the haircut??!

I had really nice voluminous 2b waves, on some good hair days i was even tempted to consider 2c. But now that I got a new haircut my hair is behaving crazy, i had my hair down to my ellbow but the hairdresser insisted on cutting all my demaged dip dyed ends off so now it is down to my shoulderbladed. I actually asked for a layer haircut to enhance my waves but the layers don't seem to do anything good.well right now my hair barely does a 2a wave and got unmanageable in a confusing 'straight' isn't really straight just... i don't know if it is limp either. .. I have really thick,coars and heavy hair and though it is similar to straight now it feels like I am fighting it's natural texture without intentending to.has anybody experienced something similar?I mean where did my wave go?Do i just need to get used to the new cut or did i imagine my waves?

1 Answer

Hi LightHasel12, That is very strange, usually when curlies cut their hair short it gets curlier. Question for you...where did your waves begin before the haircut? Jawline? Shoulder? Ear? Perhaps you could attach some before and after pics. I'm asking because my hair is a 2a-2b, and it's so long and heavy that my waves don't start until my jawline. So I imagine if I cut it to my jaw line I wouldn't have anymore waves! What probably happened to you is similar. Your waves are heavy, so they get wavier towards the bottom. Once you cut it off, it's much lighter and waves won't show. My suggestion to you is to try and recreate the waves using product. Use a curl enhancer, dry texturizer sprays (Amika Undone Texture Spray is the best!!) and scrunch them when they are soaking wet so that they hold their shape better. I'm sorry you lost your texture. Hope this helps! Remember, when your hair grows it will come back.