HELP! My hair is a greasy mess!

I am so confused! Almost two years ago I decided to stop using traditional shampoo and conditioner on my hair. I also decided to stop straightening my hair.I switched to the baking soda and apple cider vinegar method and fought for 6 months with that. Finally I saw a DevCurl stylist and while I didn't love how crunchy my hair felt afterwards, I bought the no poo, the conditioner, the light defining gel, and the mister right.It all worked wonderfully until a few months ago. I noticed my hair feeling increasingly greasy. I tried to wash more instead of every few days, and that seemed to help a little.About a week ago, I washed my hair,styled as usual and thankfully I checked the back of my hair before I left.IT WAS A HUGE GREASY MESS. I have now clarified with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. It helped slightly but already, a day later, it is gross again.I am ready to switch, but finding myself totally confused by all the products. I just want a eco-friendly,2a/2b friendly shampoo and conditoner! HELP!

2 Answers

Hi LetsGoGreen09, I can tell you that as a 2a wavy, DevaCurl No-Poo is waaay too greasy for me. Especially if you're using One Condition on top of that, which is heavy and full of moisture. It's one of those things where I really really want to love it, but my scalp and hair disagree. That's why I embrace the low-poo method. I just use a sulfate free shampoo that has the surfactants I need to get rid of the grease but isn't damaging on my hair. Here are some of my favorite sulfate free shampoos: would first try swapping your No Poo for one of those above. If the grease still doesn't go away, then switch conditioners too. Here are some of my favorite, light conditioners: if THAT doesn't help (but it should) I would recommend talking to a dermatologist or trichologist because you could have a scalp condition. But that's a last resort. As much as I love DevaCurl, they can be too greasy for looser hairtypes. Unfortunately, since our waves aren't as curly, grease travels further down our hair shaft faster. I hope that the shampoo and conditioner recommendations help you! Good luck! Keep me posted.  
Hello!I have the same problem with my hair. I have a mixture of 2b, 2C and 3a curls and waves. I decided to let loose my waves and curls four months ago and it has taken a while for me to find a products that do not make my hair greasy, my scalp itchy or my hair limp.My waves like the Shea moisture Super-fruit shampoo and conditioner which we can now by from the High street in England. This has been a god send. I also use Miss Jessie's Pillow soft Jelly curls gel which is a lovely light hair gel and has a very pleasant scent and provides brilliant hold! Both products last for ages.