HELP! Hair looks CURLY=WET, STRAIGHT= DRIED.I always air dry but still becomes extremely dry frizzy.

im a newbie here and I live in a hot & humid weather. My hair looks curly when wet and Straight when dried (air dry ). :(Also I oil my hair ritually but every time I wash my hair it extremely dries out and have lots of FlyAway's and frizziness . P.S - I straightened my hair 5 years back. No other chemical treatment ! Kindly suggest me the best shampoos , conditioners, and leave in for dry 2a/2b wavy hair.

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When you use oil, it should be something really lightweight. Grapeseed oil is light or jojoba since its so easy to absorb. You shouldn't be using anything heavier than those.Dew Point and humidity will have a huge impact on your frizz. I could seriously spend all day trying to break this down but im not Lol, sooOo here's an article from naturally curly explaining what I mean in detail. Use this as a reference on days or the day before styling your hair so you will know what to use for you hair."Curly hair seems to really thrive in moderate climactic conditions, and dew point ranges of approximately 35°F to 50°F seem to be optimal. In this type of weather, most curlies find that they can get really pleasant results by using products that contain some humectants. There is just enough moisture in the air that the humectants can grab a little from the environment, which can enhance the curl and create a bouncy feeling to the hair."It sounds like you should invest in some anti-humectant products if youre in a very humid climate (on days your dew point is 60 degrees and above). Make sure your hair is extremely moisturized as well. The more moisturized your hair is, the less moisture your hair will be trying to pull from the air = less frizz. Avoid too much product with glycerin and humectants when your dew point is really low or really high.Here's a list of anti-humectants. - (it's clickable lol)Invest in sulfate-free shampoo. Giovanni 50:50 balanced shampoo is good one. Curl Junkie curl assurance shampoo is also a good one. An anti-frizz shampoo to try is the Living Proof no frizz shampoo. These will lessen your frizz and give your hair volume while defining your waves. Make sure your hair is getting protein as well so that ensures that your moisture is staying in and not leaving your cuticle. You dont have to run out and get a protein treatment especially if your hair is low porosity, just make sure youre getting protein from somewhere every now and then.After you wash your hair and condition, make sure youre using a leave in conditioner to further infuse that moisture. Jane Carter's Revitalizing Leave In is an awesome spray that you can also use to refresh your hair when its feeling dry. Shea Moisture's Tahitian Noni and Monoi Hair and Scalp Therapy is great to style and moisturize with after your leav-in. Plop your hair with an old t shirt or microfiber towel (i use a t shirt because Im just not going out to buy a microfiber towel blah lol), after your done to make sure your hair isnt frizzy.Here are some rinse-out conditioners that will help with the frizz. You can also try to Living proof no frizz conditioner with the shampoo. Ive only used the shampoo though not the conditioner so I cant vouch for that but I imagine it works even better together.WELL, lol I hope this helps love! xo
Chelle.White did a really great job covering this answer! I'd just add that make sure you're using the oil in addition to a moisturizer or make sure your hair is WET  and not drying. Otherwise your sealing moisture out, not in. Also beware of oils with proteins, like coconut oil, to use as sealing oil if you are low porosity as it may be causing your hair to feel drier than it actually should be.