Help, my hair is type 2b, 2c or 3a, my curls are best while still a bit damp, then they stretch out

my hair looks best in the drying stage, then when it is dry the beautiful curls stretch out to wavy. I do-wash, condition and use a leave in. I scrunch with a microfiber or tshirt, plop, use clips in my crown area, diffuse to dry to mostly, leaving it a bit damp or it will frizz. But by the time it drys, it goes from almost 3a all the way to 2b once it dries. Ugh!!!

2 Answers

maybe try curl keeper's styling products ? They have water based products so maybe it will help 
I have the same issue! Its so irritating!! I'm going to try what the other answer said. Sorry I can't help, but I know how you feel