Help! What can I do 2 combat frizz & get definition? High humidity, high porosity, 2c/3a fine hair.

I think I am 2c/3a. On great days it's more 3a but I don't have many of those. I use to straight iron my hair daily! So I'm betting there is damage. My hair dries FAST, like with no product, just a light scrunching, it'll be dry in under an hour tops. I have a lot of.chemical sensitivities and allergies. For starters, I can't use any mints, jojoba anything, or harsh ingredients. I have done a clarifying shampoo. The shea moisture one. I use a microfiber towel. I scrunch everything. I do know my hair is weighed down easily and Frizzes even easier.Right now my products areShampoo once a week with shea moisture high porosity shampoo and masque.Co wash with Quidad curl immersion 1-2x a week.Leave in conditioner is Quidad moisture lock.Stylers are shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie then shea moisture high porosity gel. I alternate the smoothie with the curl and style milk in the same line, im not super pleased though. The milk makes my hair look oily, the smoothie does not and adds volume which I desperately need.My hair looks pretty right after I scrunch the crunch out after drying. But shortly after the frizz sets in and it progressively gets worse throughout the day.

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