Help me please!! I have 2C curls and I'm struggling to get my under layer to curl, any tips?

I have recently bleached my hair but the condition hasn't changed too much.

2 Answers

Try using a curl enhancing gel or mousse on the under layer of your hair. My favorite is Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse and UR Curly Enhancing Gel. Use that with the Curlformers or curlers and you'll be good to go. :)
I've had the SAME problem and a Coconut Oil mask worked WONDERS.Just warm up some Coconut oil in the microwave, like 30 sec-1 min, until melted. Then, smear it on your hair *everywhere*, completely SOAK it, then clip it back, put a cap on, and then use the Pinterest method with the hair dryer! I left it on for like 3 hours, then shampooed twice, and just scrunched leave-in conditioner in SOPPING wet hair. You need to hear the wet sound. Then scrunch gel in. Just let it air dry. Do NOT break the curl. Do NOT comb the product in.