Please help! I want my hair to be curly for real!!!!! It was before!

I have 2A hair that is medium coarseness, medium thickness, it is long about to my nipple ( sorry if that is weird), and I am white if that helps.  In 2012 I got a Keratin treatment to help grow my hair out and ever since then I have been using the shampoo and conditioner and I really notice it defiantly makes "split ends dissapear" I know it is really just sealing the cutical but it looks like the split ends disappear. because of this I really dont know how my hair would take to moisture it always seems healthy but I havent changed a lot for my hair routine.  I love my long hair and I do not want to cut it in fact I would like it to be longer!! but right now my hair just hangs there is very little shape to my hair so it looks like crap! my hair needs life and I love love love the BIG voluptuous sexy hair or or or I also love the hair that Allison out of pretty little liars has if I had to guess I would say she has 3 B.I also dont always have tons of time to take to style my hair plus heat is so bad for your hair even if I had the time I would never curl my hair every day it would probably all fall out! I do scrunch my hair and If i do then I can get 2c but it only lasts for a few hours and the curls will fall then by the next day I have frizzy poofy straight hair that looks exactly like it would if i never did anything with it.  Is there a way to "train my hair" to be curly a lot of the articles on here are about defining curls or taming curls or making curls healthy, or african american curls, but I want to know how to create the curl and keep it for more than 2 or three hoursPLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!! 

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I'm a kind of confused about what you're saying. Do you have naturally straight or naturally wavy hair? 2a is what you have there which is slightly wavy, but you say your hair is thick and straight.Also, I looked up Alison from Pretty Little Liars and her hair is almost definitely 3b. I look up her natural hair and it seems closer to a 2b with - only maybe - small sections of 2a and 2c pieces. If you mean  her hair styled, it really just look like styled straight hair in which the curled the ends.If your hair is naturally wavy and it's 2a, you aren't that far off from Alison's hair type. You could try the curly method. I've heard people with wavy hair getting successful results having their hair curl/wave more. You could also look into using different types of gel or mousse to make your scrunch last longer. I'm not sure any of them will make them last that many days, but it's worth a try. If you're looking for a permanent solution, you could perm your hair, but I'm pretty sure that is used to make hair curlier rather than wavier.I would be careful though as this still may be damaging for your hair. You could probably get your hair to style like hers. Because it's frizzy, it seems like you may need to blow dry it or find an anti-frizz product and then you'd have to curl or roller set the lower ends of your hair. That may cause a lot of heat damage depending on how much you use. Again, perming would be a more permanent solution.  Finally, it may be possible that keratin treatment in your hair is preventing you from getting as much wave as you should. I have seen it where keratin treatments prevent peoples' hair from reverting back.