Help me learn what to do with my terrible wavy hair. Please.

I think my hair is 2A. It has much more curl on the underside. I never really learned much about how to style hair. Every time I've tried, my hair just ends up looking awful. I never wear it down because, no matter what I do, it always looks stringy. I don't think it's damaged since I never style it. It just gets pulled up every day after brushing. If love to have pretty hair I can leave down, but it just looks terrible. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

3 Answers

There's lots of great information all over this website. The stringiness might be from the products you're using. Trying mixing that up and see what happens. Also, how do you dry your hair? If you're blowing it all over the place with a hair dryer, that can cause stringiness. Try applying a light gel and forming twirls with your fingers while it's wet. Then gently diffuse or air dry.
Try styling with soaking wet hair. That encourages clumps. Try a strong hold gel. I usually recommend drugstore products for people who are experimenting at the beginning of their journey. LA looks has some good ones. Herbal essences totally twisted is pretty good too.
Thanks all. I've switched products. I'm now using a L'oreal cleansing conditioner and a L'oreal styling creme gel, putting that in when my hair is still wet. I've been using a wide comb to comb thru and then scrunching the bottom up. Then letting it air dry. The curl looks pretty when wet, but after it dries, it just kinda looks like I woke up and didn't brush my hair. A few hours after it has dried, almost all the curl definition is gone, except on the underside of my hair. When I go to stylists, they tell me I have pretty wave, so maybe I am just doing something wrong. Although, they tell me is pretty and then immediately blow it out straight. Hmmm...