Help with methods

I am new to the curly hair, when I was little my hair was curlier but I started to straighten it and now I'm type 2A. I tried the LOC method but I think it weighted down my curls and the curls looked too oily/product-y. Also, I have an oily scalp and thin, easily breakable hair, and it gets frizzy very quick. What products would help my curls look more defined with no frizz? In what order should I apply them?  Also, I am thinking to buy a diffuser, I am trying to decided between the hot sock ultralight diffuser and the curly co. collapsible hair diffuser. which one would work better on my wavy, frizzy hair? Thanks!! :)p.s.: Please see the picture of my curls after air drying and using the LOC method for the first time. Thanks!

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