Help! Need help with product recs for all hair care products. I have extremely sensitive skin.

2b (some 2a areas), low-normal porosity, medium width, medium density, Medium length, frizzy but oily at scalpNeed quick/simple routine, mama of 4 kids 9 and under so on a budget both time and $.  Mostly plan to air dry.  Have been washing with Shea Moisture for over a year, I think it might be to heavy. Otherwise I don't have any other products. Total curly newbie.  I need recommendations for a routine and products, I am prone to eczema, so gentle products are preferred. Need step by step wavy hair for dumbies instructions. 

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You should try posting on curltalk you will get more detailed replies there.My scalp is also oily and sensitive. What I found useful is to extend my wash days. Even though this seems contradictory since by day 2 I had an oily scalp and day  on 4 an oily and itchy one, I figure it is because during washing you are ripping your scalp off natural oils and proteins so it needs to compensate by producing more oil. Another thing I do for when its too oily, itchy or product built up is to wash with a sulfate shampoo but a gentle one, I do this maybe twice a month.If you can buy the book, the curly girl handbook it will be of great use.First of all get rid of your regular shampoo and conditioner and replace it for a sulfate free, silicone free, parabenes free and any other harsh chemical. Get rid off your combs and brushes and heat tools (get a diffuser if you want to dry your hair) and finally change your towel for a microfiber one or an old cotton t-shirt. So here is my routine: (I'm on a budget and trying to go natural on products so I wont be giving brand names as I use the less possible)Day 1 (wash day): I usually do a conditioning treatment for which I apply virgin coconut oil for 30 min and wash it out. I recently did a protein one also with coconut and it was great. After the treatment comes washing with a sulfate free shampoo and the conditioning; with the conditioner applied is the only time I comb it, I used to use a wide teeth comb but nowadays I use my fingers and only use the comb when absolutely necessary.After washing and conditioning comes styling. Take your old tshirt and tossing your head to one side scrunch as much water as you can, do this trying not to break the wave pattern or  rubbing your hair. Then comes the product as I said I'm trying to go product free so I apply some coconut oil scrunching my hair and to finish and reduce the frizz I use a few drops of styling cream ( silicone free and alcohol free) mixed with water apply it in the same manner. Let it air dry.I've tried many products over the years and none I liked, they would leave me feeling greasy or sticky, hard to touch, weight my hair down, looking wet all the time and untouchable. You might need a stronger hold so you may try a gel or try products it depends on how much volume you want, the hold and the frizz. So you might need to try different styling products and ways.Day 2: I wake up my curls using a lavender spray and scrunching or twisting them to give definition.Day 3: I work out every day so I feel the need to wash again, so I do I water wash, massage my scalp to remove impurities, then style it as in day one but using less of the oil and styling cream.Day 4: same as 2Day 5: by this time I feel its a must to wash it.You will find your own routine, at first it takes time but this will get faster and you will requiere less time. Hope all this helps you and good luck on your curly journey, I leave a link with some techniques for wavy hair.
Hi Mamato4, If you have very sensitive skin, I would recommend sticking to fragrance free hair products. I recently had a breakout that required me to dial back on all my skincare products, and the doc recommended avoiding fragrance. Here's our page to help you get started: that helps!