Can anyone help me sort out this mess??

Hi everyone!I have (what appears to be, but with this mess I cannot be sure...) 2c, low porosity hair...but the issue is is that it's so dry - especially at the back where I can't even get it to clump together and curl properly! I co-wash my hair every other day with a coconut based conditioner and shampoo my hair once a week with the matching coconut shampoo.  I always scrunch dry my hair with a microfibre towel and, if I'm in a hurry, diffuse dry my hair on a cold setting.  I never straighten it, so I can't blame heat damage.Can anybody give me any pointers or recommend any techniques on how to sort my hair out?  It's really starting to get me down...Thanks!

1 Answer

Does your shampoo contain sulfates? Also, do you use any products after you shampoo & condition? Please reply and I can help you out :)