Help with my wavy hair!? Please

Hey curly girls! I have been growing my hair out, and am now needing to change up my curl routine. I have always had problems with my hair type. I think I may be 2a? 2c? I have dense, thick hair, and high porosity. One problem I always have had is the canopy in the back does not like to curl.. So any solutions would be great!! I have been using Moroccan oil/coconut oil on my hair when it's wet. And tigi catwalk.. Have tried many different gels and cremes but haven't found my holy grail yet. Help please :) Thank you!! 

2 Answers

I would say you're 2b/2c meaning you have both wave patterns. Of your hair is high porosity it's important that you add protein into your regimen. Your hair has gaps in it that need to be filled. That will cut down on frizz, breakage, and split ends. Aphogee has some awesome protein treatments and you can pick up a rinse out condish that has protein in it. Remember to balance it with moisture though. You can stick with the Argan oil and coconut oil but because your hair is dense and thick (I'm assuming you meant your strands are thick and not fine) AND you're high porosity I would suggest using a heavier oil to seal in your moisture, like olive oil. It won't make your hair greasy just so long as you don't over do it.You can implement the LOC (leavin in condish, oil, cream styler) to moisturize your hair. You would pick the products you like but use them in that order. The "cream" can be a hair milk or wave/curl definer or moisturizer. I would suggest a hair milk since you have wavy hair. If you do a cream it shouldn't be heavy like a custard. Karen BB ambrosia leave in is one I love (even though my hair is curly). Most waves, curls, coils, and kinks love that leave in. Jane carter revitalizing leave in spray is also one I use daily and sometimes as a refresher for after-day-one hair. You will have to fiddle around with your hair products. As you said, you haven't found a holy grail for YOU just yet. It's a process and it usually takes time lol. Just dib and dab in things till you find what you want.You have high porosity hair so you can use protein. You have dense hair and thick strands so you don't have to be afraid to try creams on the thicker side when needed. You have medium length hair so you don't have to over do product and you can use wide tooth combs, denman brushes, bobby pins, etc to help style your hair. Make sure you're drying your hair with an old tshirt to cut back on frizz.As long as you have basics: sulfate free shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, deep conditioner, moisturizer, and oil you will be fine. Gel and serum are optional. If you choose to do the LOC method you can do gel last after cream. Carols daughter has a milk gel that's alcohol free and it works pretty well. I just tried it yesterday. I'm not 2b/2c I'm 3c/4a but we both have high porosity medium length high density hair :). You can try a rhassoul clay wash on your hair to define that part that won't wave. You can also scrunch during your wash and condition to try to define that area. Sometimes it isn't that there is a problem, sometimes we have hair that really is completely different than our other patterns. I hope these tips help love! 
hi, I have a couple of strands at the back of my head that won't curl. There is an article here somewhere by Sandra about second day hair, she uses gel and Bobby pins, I use that method on my stubborn bits