Hi. I have 2b hair type(maybe?).I have a ton of hair. What type of layering/products helps the poof?

My hairdresser said my hair is 'thin and course', though I was always told my hair was thick. My hair changed b/c of my fibro. My hair will dry pretty curly, but get loose as time goes by. The curls don't stay together, can get frizzy, and I tend to get poofy. My hair will poof just because there's so much hair and lack of curls near the roots. I want to cut my hair shorter. But do not want the poof. Is there a certain length I should go for? Type of layering? (I have an oval type face, but somewhat heart-shaped. I have high cheekbones. The bones of my face go out because of this. And have chubby dimple cheeks.)Also. Is there a product that would help control my hair? I have been hoping to go more natural with my products. But I have a wedding to go to before this change. Keeping the curls together is impossible, and helping my hair grow healthier. My dry is extremely dry too. I am desperate for help. My hair is complex. 

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Hi Storybrookein, First off, your hair can be thin and thick at the same time. I will explain. Your strands themselves can be thin, but your hair density can be high, so you have more hair per square inch than most people. See this article for more info: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/home/the...Next, if your curls don't stay together, you need a good gel or cream gel to give them hold. This will also help with the frizz. I recommend AG Beach Bomb or Redken Full Spiral Swirl. Those are great cream gels that hold waves together. If you like gel, also recommend DevaCurl Light Defining Gel. It's amazing! All of these will help "control" your hair and keep them defined. Also, try aloe vera gel. The stuff that you put on when you get a sunburn? Yes...it's awesome for wavy hair too. Next, you say your hair is poofy. There are lots of reasons for poofy hair, but the main being that the way you are styling your hair is breaking up the strands. You need to practice clumping your hair together by NOT brushing, combing, or disturbing the hair when its drying or dry. Read this article about ways to prevent poofy hair. It's great! Bottom line: style your hair when soaking wet. Evenly distribute all the product, and DON"T touch it while its drying!! Lastly, you had a question about dry hair. Dry hair is a result of too many sulfates, heat damage, or too much showering. Shower less, use a sulfate free cleanser, and don't use heat. Also, be sure to deep condition every two weeks! It helps! Good luck! Let me know if you have any more questions.
Oh gosh , me too.. I have a ton of very long 2b curls . each strand is fine but I have a lot of hair, so most people say I have thick hair too. I prefer my haircut the way it is now. curls look nice not poofy. I have a long V Cut slightly below bra length.  I have angled in the front starting at my chin going downward,. But my hair is NOT layered.... I have layers cut once and looked very poofy /mushroom. You may want to try this cut. I am not cg. I use detangler, leave in, and gel. with an occasional argan oil serum. to sotc.