Hi, I'm a Curly newbie so what are some tips to doing the Curly Girl Method?

I recently found this website, and I've been meaning to do the curly girl method, but I'm afraid of not combing my hair since I feel it will get tangled?? Any tips?? I have 2a-2c hair and my hair can get really oily on the second day of not showering.

1 Answer

Hi Gisellelemus, First of all, welcome! We're glad you found our site! :) Secondly, if you're worried about tangling with the CG method, don't be. If you're detangling your hair in the shower, using a good conditioner, and sleeping on a satin pillowcase, then your hair shouldn't be too tangled. Not sure what your budget is, but I would strongly recommend MopTop Conditioner or CURLS Coconut Sublime. It's silicone free and has great slip...which means it's great for getting knots and tangles out in the shower. As far as the oiliness goes, that's going to be normal when you're transitioning to the CG method. Your scalp is used to being washed so often and with sulfates that it's over compensating on the oil production. Once you start CG, I would recommend doing a slow process to wean yourself off showering too often. Do this: 1. First week - Wash your hair every other day 2. Second & Third week - wash your hair every 2 days. 3. Fourth week - wash your hair every 3 days From there, you can go as long as you want. Usually it takes a month for your scalp to get used to the CG. Hope this helps! :)