Horrible haircut

I went to a curly hair specialist and asked for a v cut. I was given an uneven choppy horrible cut. Pics are below. How can I fix this without losing too much length? It felt uneven so I started straightening it in this pic to see what had happened. 

1 Answer

Hi Heather, I'm sorry you're dealing with this! I know how much trust goes into letting someone cut your hair and I've definitely had my fair share of haircuts gone wrong. My advice would be to call the salon right away and let them know you're not satisfied with the cut. I would say do this as soon as possible, most salons will let you come back in to have the cut tweaked within the first few days to a week. It will vary depending on the salon but many salons will do this for free, especially if the look isn't what you discussed. In your case I think it will be pretty easy to show the stylist what is bothering you.Did they cut your hair wet or dry? Because with curly hair oftentimes some parts of your head will be curlier (and therefore shrink more) than other parts, so maybe your hair looks more even when it's curly? I've seen some really drastic differences in curl pattern before so it's possible that is why the stylist did that, but I'd have to see a curly photo of yours to know for sure. I think you should call the salon and they should let you come in and get it fixed, but if you're not comfortable going back to that place then you could find yourself a new stylist by reading as many reviews as you can from other curlies, you can find ones in your area here: http://www.naturallycurly.com/salons/I hope this helps!