How can I make my hair really curly?

I have really thick hair and I straighten it most of the time bc if I don't then it s a huge mess. I tried scrunching it but it never works. I use the herbal enssense mousse but the curls never stays! It would for a few minutes but then it would dissaper if I try to fix or play with my hair (and I do that often) 

2 Answers

I don't want to sound rude, so please please please don't take this the wrong way, but the entire point of this website is to embrace your natural curls and be yourself. Your motive should be to enhance your natural wave; not to "make your hair really curly". Trying to make your hair curlier is the same as trying to make your hair straighter. You're changing yourself and the only way to really do that is with heat or chemicals. I can give you advice on wavy hair, but don't expect anything natural, healthy, or truly beneficial to change your curl pattern. Please believe me when I say that you can enhance your natural waves and you will look beautiful. It will increase your confidence and sense of self. Do research on the Curly Girl method. There is tons of information on this website. Basically it's stopping the use of heat except maybe diffusing with a blow dryer, no chemicals treatments except maybe hair dye, no sulfates, and no silicones. If you increase your hairs health, it will be bouncier and curlier naturally. Moisturize your hair with deep treatments and do some protein treatments as well. You will most likely need a big chop to remove all of your damaged ends once your hair grows in more. You'll need a sulfate free shampoo, silicone free conditioner (rinse out and leave in) and styling products. Probably a lightweight, but pretty high hold gel will be best. Scrunch it in soaking wet hair upside down. I would recommend keeping your hair pretty short (maybe shoulder length, possibly a little longer if you want) in order to get rid of excess weight. It will make your hair much wavier and more defined.
If you have wavy hair and try to keep it curly with mousse it is going to fall. Especially if you touch it! Definitely listen to JessiiLeighh and look into the Curly Girl method. But some quick tips for you: If you want to hold your curl, mousse isn't gonna do it. Try a combination of cream and gel. That will give it moisture and hold. And don't touch your hair! I have that problem too...I want to touch it but that only messes up the curl pattern and makes it frizzy. Leave it alone and it will be beautiful. :)