How do I keep my hair wavy?

My hair is naturally wavy, and when I get out of the shower I have wonderful curls but when I brush or come my hair it becomes flat and frizzy.It puffs up a ton and I'm fine with that if it would only stay curly, I would try not brushing it but when I don't I get huge matts in my hair that hurt to take out. It frustrates me, any advice?

4 Answers

Try mouse, aloe vera gel, and moisture spritz.
Hi, as a fellow wavy-haired girl, I know it can be super frustrating. What I do is apply my conditioner in the shower and then gently work a wide toothed comb through all my knots. Once hair is completely detangled, rinse with cold water (as cold as you can take), squeeze excess moisture out of your hair and use a microfiber towel or soft t-shirt to scrunch it until it's not soaking wet anymore. Apply your products when your hair is damp to preserve the waves and curls. These should most likely consist of a lightweight leave-in conditioner and a mousse or gel. I wrap my damp hair in a t-shirt (a technique called "plopping") and sleep like that, which preserves waves and curls. Whatever you do, don't brush your dry hair (or your wet hair, as brushes are usually too abrasive and wet hair is fragile). Hope that helps and good luck girl!
Our resident wavy blogger/vlogger Diane shows how she keeps her waves in this slideshow AND video: this helps!
here's the link to the video.