Am I 2a or 3a?! Or maybe 2b?

My hair is sometimes wavy and sometimes curly, with ringlets generally appearing near my face and on some of my top layers.  The bottom layer of my hair is damaged and hardly waves or curls.  Does anyone else have experience with this? I was reading that 2a hair is fine wavy hair and 3a is fine curly hair (didn't read that on this website though so I am not sure if it is correct) What would you classify my hair as? (The pictures illustrate how my hair behaves with different humidity.  The first two pictures were taken at high humidity, in winter, and after using devacurl products.  The third was taken in high humidity, warm weather, with very dry/unhealthy hair and no products.  The fourth was in low humidity, very very cold weather, and with fairy unhealthy hair as well.  I don't know if that helps!) 

2 Answers

Your hair is awesome! As for what type, I'm gonna go with 2b. My hair is somewhere between the tight ringlets of 3a with the volume of 2c... I mostly use deva products, with occasional Trader Joe's conditioner. I find that when I use different products I get slightly different looks and volumes. I've found that if it's hard to classify my hair cause some days, its 2b, others 2c, and ,if im lucky or its humid, 3a.    Hope this helps.
Your hair is pretty I would say it is a 3a at it's best and the it ranges from 2a to 3a. What you need to know is your hair qualities so you can take good care of it and have it always as the first picture :) It looks good in all the pictures so don't dwell too much on type and have fun styling it.