i have 2a type hair, but it's very thick & i want to make my hair curly again what product do i use?

I had extremely curly hair when i was little, but i joined cheerleading at an early age and they had us straighten it a lot and i think thats what made me lose my curls. It also might be from dying it but i already cut off all the dyed hair so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. I just want my old hair back, but every time i do something it never works because my hair is just too heavy to keep the shape.

1 Answer

Hi Wavy2, I'm sorry that they made you straighten your hair when you were little. That's awful. A lot of ladies around here are suffering from the same heat damage. You're not alone. I recovered from heat damage and you can too. This article is a great place to start...it's aimed more at curlies and coilies, but there are some nuggets of info that wavies can apply as well. This is another article that is more for type 2s with heat damage.My recommendation is to stop using all heat products - flat irons, or curling wands, etc. Then deep condition your hair once a week to try and repair the cuticle. Be sure to seal your ends with a light oil, and try protective styles like buns and braids while your hair is repairing itself. A good trim will help immensely. Cut off those dead ends and start fresh. It will take a long time to get your curls back, and they might not be the same. Remember, nobody's hair is the same as when they are little. That's the nature of growing up. But be patient and your hair will look beautiful.