Am I 2B or 2C? I can't tell anymore! (Hennaed hair)

Hi all! I hennaed my chemically damaged hair for about 5 months last year in an effort to preserve it, though I ended up chopping a lot of my length off in the end. The henna loosened my curl pattern to the point that it was basically straight, but recently after discovering how to properly treat my wavy hair, the wave/curl has returned. My hair is medium density, high porosity and very prone to frizz. Quite straight from the crown to my eyes, but I seem to have multiple wave types in the mix. I have had a lot of hair-loss recently as well, if that is relevant at all. The pictures attached are after cowashing and airdrying. 

3 Answers

You might have two curl patterns, the underneath part looks 2c but the top layer looks 2b. 
Its a 2b you only have waves plus the top of your hair is less defined waves and more straight. If it was a 2c the top of your hair would be more defined waves and 2c have some mixture of curls
I think it looks like mostly 2c, but it's weighed down from how long your hair is. The ends of your hair have more curl than wave, so the mid area of your hair is being stretched from the length. It's beautiful though! I know it's expensive but if you want your curls a little springier, I would get a devacut and have a stylist help plump up your top layers a bit :)