How can I get my 2b waves to reach their full potential?

No matter what I do to my 2b hair, some waves (especially the ones that frame my face) always turn out limp and frizzy. Other pieces towards the back are more defined and I can usually get a 2nd day out of them. I thought more moisture might be the answer for frizz. Today I washed my hair with Shea Moisture Restorative Shampoo. I used a small bit  of the same brand's Restorative Conditioner as a leave-in, and styled with KCCC. (I just scrunch with my fingers, then with a microfiber towel.) Finally, I diffused my hair for the first time, thinking this would help with the gross front my hair is almost dry and the front pieces are completely dry. They are STILL limp and awful looking. In addition, I am disappointed with the rest of my hair which doesn't look as defined as I thought it would after diffusing. What can I do different in the future?? Product recommendations/ styling tips/ ANY advice would be so helpful and appreciated!!

1 Answer

Hi Sierraeposey, I think what you're dealing with is very common. The front section of our hair closest to our face unfortunately gets manipulated the most. We touch it with our hands, we lay on it when we sleep, and we touch it when we style it (either in a ponytail or with a flat iron, etc). Therefore, it's usually looser than the rest of our curls, which often results in limp lifeless waves. Here are my tips: 1. Sleep on a satin pillowcase - this should help with the flatness when you sleep. 2. Don't pull your hair back (either into a ponytail or in an updo) as often. Give your hair a rest from manipulation and rock more wash-n-go's. 3. Do a protein treatment regularly. Focus on the fronts where you see limp waves. 4. Don't brush your hair. Instead, finger detangle in the shower and when you get out pat your hair dry. 5. If all that fails, you can use something like a curlformer to give you more bounce and curl shape. You can spot certain limp sections and only use the curlformers there. Here's an article about curlformers, in case you don't know what they are. :)I hope that helps! In general, be careful with over manipulating (touching) the hair, and hopefully you can see life back in those front waves. :)