When I was a baby I had curly hair up to the age of 4 I'm 13 now and have wavy hair What should i do

when I was little I had type 3b and 3c hair I'm 13 and my hair is type 2a/2b and really want my curls back my mom said to cut my hair and all my curls will come back she said my long thick hair drags my curls down should I cut my hair or what should I do 

3 Answers

Grow your hair out more.
If you don't mind losing length, I would say cut your hair. In my experience, I have found that when my hair was shorter, my curls appeared to be tighter. But if you like it long, I would recommend trying to work with your waves (I'm sure they are beautiful).
Hey there!I would definitely suggest cutting it to reveal your curl potential, should you not mind losing the length. The longer the hair, the heavier it is, therefore weighing down potential curls. If you don't want to chop it however, which I can TOTALLY understand, just try products suited for curly hair and make sure you're giving your hair every opportunity to maximize its curl in your daily routines.