When do I brush my thin, fine wavy/curly hair ?

Hi CGs,I have hair that is frizzy, VERY fine and thin. It is curly (cherub) underneath and very wavy in the other parts. I am new to the curly girl method. I am wondering if I should brush my hair when it is wet with conditioner or prior to washing when it's dry (similar to straight hair girls). I ask because wet hair tends to be extra fragile and my hair is already so sparse. I am worried I will lose more hair if I finger comb while it's wet. Most CGs have thick hair.Please let me know what will cause less breakage/loss.

1 Answer

I would recommend combing with a wide toothcomb (gently)when you have conditioner in your hair and is wet and then rinse out the conditioner whilst having your hair flipped Upside down  with a bit remaining at the ends to act as a sealent then scrunch scrunch scrunch!, then style as normal Plop with a tshirt, don't forget do not overcondition too much, and onlydeep Conditon once every two weeks to help with breakage, the healthier the hair the better it will become, just don't overbrush or expose your beautiful waves to chemicals as it will ruin your waves remember be patient that's the key,hope this helps in the long run xx