How do i get my curls back?

When i was younger i use to have very curly hair,now its been up and down practically all my life,its frizzy and some parts at the back off my hair is curly and at the front it is straight and is a bit wavy. My hair is extremely thick to. I've tried everything with my hair i always use to straighten it but ive left it curly for a while and nothing happens. i have to wet my hair everyday and then style it. Can someone help me for how i am gonna get my curls back?

1 Answer

I am sorry that you are experiencing a challenge with your hair. I think using a reconstructer, hair mask, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and curl enhancer may help. I think your hair may be in need of moisture. I find that when my curls are in need of moisture they frizz and don’t curl. Also when you style your hair scrunch it between your hand ( place your hair between your hand and close your hand and squeeze it and push it up at the same time). Wishing you much success, please keep us posted to let us know about your hair success. :)