How do I get my curls to stay defined throughout the day?

I have 2C hair... for the first few hours I'm out of the shower. I used to have very long hair, and that weighed my curls down, but I now have my hair cut into a bob, and my hair is curlier than ever. I go into the shower, shampoo my hair, runs it off, condition the ends and use a teensy teensy bit to work through my roots and throughout the rest of my hair (and this is literally what's left after I put it on my tips, you can't even see what's left on my hands). Then I fli my hair over a comb it with a wide-tooth comb from tips to roots until its detangled, then I comb from the back of my scalp to the front, and the same from the sides of my scalp to the center of my head, and from the front to my head, like putting my hair in a topknot, this is talk give my roots a lift, if I sky to do this it curls (including the roots), but falls kinda flat on my head and neck. Then I scrunch my hair, it's very curly and separated, the combing doesn't affect my hair when it's wet. Then I towel dry my hair in a cotten t-shirt by scrunching the excess water off, this only takes a minuet. Then I twist my long bangs (that I'm trying to grow out) out of my face my with a jaw clip, and do the same to the other side to make it even because I lift my twist a bit so it's not flat against my head. I've noticed that when I take my clips out in the evening, the twisted part was the most straight out of all my hair and I've done it everyday since I got long bangs, and now it's a bit harder to scrunch those curls.My hair dries curly like this except for the twists, those take the enters day to dry, the rest dries in like an hour, no diffuser. Then, by noon it looks like 2B hair, and by the evening it ends up like 2A hair. It's just like when I had long hair that swigged my curls down right when I came out the shower, but it just takes longer. My hair is medium, not even close to thick, so I don't know why my hair doesn't dry when I plop it, maybe because there's is just alot of hair. I have considered plopping for 15 mins along with LOC, but I'm worried that would weight my hair sent even more. I did the test and apparently my hair has a low pourous rating, but it's not the slightest bit dry, even though it's not particularly shiny its soft (although it does take a while for the water to thoroughly penetrate my hair in a shower, guess this means I do)I have no idea what to do please help >_< Sorry for the long post I just wanted to be thorough about my routine, thanks in advance!

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