I have fine, brittle curly/wavy hair and am new to natural products. Any recommendations?

I have started 'researching' natural hair products because I feel like my very thin hair can't take the chemical products. My hair is falling out more and more, my hair is getting more and more limp and my curls are starting to disappear. So I definitely need to change my hair routine. I really want to start co-washing my hair with a cleansing conditioner, and then maybe use a shampoo once every fourth time washing and combine that with a deep conditioner. I have read a lot of stuff about a lot of different products, but i just cant choose, because I read different things. I have read that my thin hair needs moisture, but that it also needs protein. I haven't found any co-wash products with protein in it, just treatments with protein. So, what should I be using as an 'every-week' product, to co-wash my very thin, fine, curly/wavy 2A/2B (I actually have 2B, but right now, because of bad products my hair is flat) hair? And what should i be using as a treatment, or how many times should I be using products with protein in it?I hope anyone can give me some tips on products, or if i need to use moisturizing products, products with oil, or different stuff. (: (I live in Europe, so a lot of recommended products are hard to get here :( )Thanks a lot!

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