How do I keep my hair from getting weighed down and losing curls as it grows longer?

I am growing my hair out for the first time in about a decade. It has reached just under shoulder-length and I love it! However I've developed a couple problems. Firstly, it is getting tangled pretty easily. Secondly, my hair has been getting straighter as it comes in. I already avoid putting heavy products in my hair or washing it more than once or twice a week. I have a good amount of curl immediately after a shower but I lose it once the hair dries (naturally or in a turban). Is there a way to trim it to take the weight off without losing length?

1 Answer

Well you obviously have 2b hair. The bouncy curls that accumulate in the shower don't count. Your real hair type is determined by what it looks like after it air dries or dries in a turban. You seem to have true 2b hair, which gets straighter as it gets longer. There is nothing you can do to naturally change it. But you could put curl enhancing gel in it or scrunch your hair while it is drying