I have 2b hair and just started a natural routine. Suggestions on how to get rid of frizz?

I use Organix Moroccan curling perfection cream and have started "plopping" my hair.

3 Answers

You're off to a good start, although what are the ingreds of that Organix product? Any silicones? Don't touch your hair while it's drying or after. Sleep on a satin pillowcase. 
Gel or Mousse!Also, do not touch your hair. Another nifty little trick is to start bring static cling / dryer sheets around with you. Whenever you see frizz on the top of your hair, rub these sheets over it. It really does work.hope this helps!!
also, whenever you plop, make sure you use either a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt. terry cloth towels can cause breakage & even more frizz..