i have 2b hair, does anyone know how i might be able to get 2c hair??

5 Answers

I don't think you can change your actual curl pattern.
You can't change your curl pattern without heat or chemicals. This website is all about embracing your natural texture, so I would recommend going to the type 2 section of curltalk and reading some threads. 2b hair is beautiful and you would be exponentially happier if you learned to love it. I wish you luck on your hair journey(:
@smileycurls, embrace your texture but i find that my curl pattern can be enhanced when i use a diffuser. another trick is scrunching with a cream gel when it is damp. again, every texture is different and can change daily based on weather. test out my tricks and see if they work for you - cream gels mixed with cloth towel scrunching is my fastest way to defined springy curls. my fall back is a diffuser. 
I agree with JessiiLeighh. Just try to make the waves you do have naturally look as nice as possible. I have 2b hair too and with the right products and styling, I get really nice, defined waves and ringlets even. It's more about enhancing what you have by treating it well rather than actually changing it. 
I was wondering why  my hair just does not curl or wave on one side on the top of my hair. I have am using a curling iron  on that part of my hair so it would blend. Do you think It could be heat damage. It is just a little piece of my hair.