I have 2b/2c hair. My waves have been limp lately. What do should I do to give them a boost?

I'm 2B in the front part of my hair, from hair line to about 1 1/2 inch back, and the rest is 2C with rinlets at the ends.  I use Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Shampoo once a week and co-wash daily with the Totally Twisted Conditioner and use the Totally Twisted mousse.  I've been doing this routine since August of 2012.  I think I may have to switch it up a bit, but I'm a creature of habit and it was a big step for me to stop straightening my hair and allow the waves and curls to take over.

2 Answers

Hi, I think it's totally awesome that you ditched the flat iron and are embracing your beautiful curls and waves. I checked online and I think the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted line is CG, but I'm not positive. I would say to combat limp, lifeless hair make sure to use a clarifying shampoo once a month. I use Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo and it works well (only use a small amount though!). Also make sure none of your styling products contain silicones, as those can build up on your hair and weigh it down. As I said, I think the Herbal Essences products are totally fine on that front, but double check. Hope that's helpful! Good luck!
Invest in a Q-Redew! The best thing I've discovered to volumize and enhance my waves."The Q-Redew is a handheld hair steamer that quickly restores moisture, rejuvenates and reshapes hair using warm steam as mist. Used on dry hair it revives in minutes and leaves hair dry."