Can I ever have what I dream of?

I honestly don't remember a time when I had bouncy, soft, frizz free, healthy curls. I just did a deep conditioning treatment at a salon about 3 weeks ago, but I think I made the mistake of dying it as well. I did a 26 washes kind of dye.Now, I'm struggling with hard core frizz, no moist curls, and just dryness. I only remember a time ONCE when I was younger where I had bouncy curly hair that was moist and soft. I haven't had that since.The first image is recent, probably a week or two ago.The second is from at least 5 years ago. This one is where my hair felt AMAZING. No frizz, soft, and hydrated.Can I ever get back there or am I doomed to hate my curls forever? 

2 Answers

use coconut oil as a deep conditioner made my hair so soft!! But don't put too much in
Hi SJax, First off, your hair is beautiful. Perhaps you are dealing with dryness, and that is a solvable problem. Most textured women deal with dryness and frizz daily. You said you dyed your hair, and that is no doubt the culprit. Dyeing wavy hair tends to make it drier, brittle and weak. You'll need to give it a protein treatment to strengthen your hair and make it bounce again. My favorite protein treatment is OmniPotent Duosity Double Whipped Repairing Treatment. It's awesome, and it gives my hair life after straightening or anything damaging. Some other community favorites are: Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute ReconstrcutorK-Pak Deep Penetrating ReconstructorOther than that, you'll need to deep treat your hair every 2 weeks or so. I would use a deep conditioner with protein in it to help. Here's a list of protein products. Do you use any styling products? What do you use to wash your hair? All of these things can attribute to frizz and dryness. Let me know!