i just discovered website. my hair is 2a, low porosity, high density, med coarse. suggestions?

i like to wash n go, but my waves are not consistent. my thick hair is flat on top and has a christmas tree effect on one side (flat on top and then poufs out at bottom of long layers). Help please.

1 Answer

You will likely need more moisture than you are getting. And a dry haircut on your hair by a skilled stylist familiar with dry cutting curly hair will help you get rid of the triangle effect! Look in to The Curly Girl Handbook (also referred to as the Curly Girl Method) for taking care of your hair (you might discover it moves into more 2b once you have been doing it a few weeks!) If you live in the states, I love Shea Moisture products and you can find them at Target and most drugstores. Try skipping shampoo and use a light conditioner only like V05 and shampoo only when needed. The top of the hair is usually straighter b/c more of the conditioner gets rinsed out there from the water stream in the shower as well as it gets more heat, touching, sun, wind, etc. Put it up in a ponytail on top of your head when you sleep and use a satin pillow case. All these things can help. Good luck on your Curly Girl journey!