I put leave in before my curl defining cream it makes my hair so soft that the Curls don't hold

my hair is type 2b NOT 2A I mean it's not a silky soft hair and it's not a fine hair but it doesn't curl easy it's wavy anyway I noticed when I put leave in then the styling product which is a curl defining cream it ends up so soft that the Curls don't hold and when I skip the leave in its frizzy and dry besides I feel that when I skip the leave in its bad for the hair to put the curl defining cream directly to it cause my curl defining cream has something that makes the hair scrunchy a little to make the Curls hold , what do u think I should do?

3 Answers

just try different products, try light leave in's , i don't understand why your still using it , if your hair didn't respond well with the product then just simply don't use it and if the defining cream makes your hair crunchy then your probably using too much or it's just how the defining cream is a lot of styling products make the hair crunchy if you don't like that try something else
im a big advocate of light leave ins and flax seed gel defines any texture of hair and if you add a tad bit of oil it doesnt leave you with a hard cast
I tend to do better either using a heavier conditioner and rinsing it out, or going with a light conditioner as a rinse out and then a very light leave in on the spots that get dry (which for me is the top of my head). I have lots of fine hair and I am always balancing between dryness and limpness. I do notice that the more protein I use in my hair, the more the moisture it needs doesn't seem to weigh it down. Hope that helps!