How do I love my wavy hair?

I have all kinds of curl patterns on my head and I hate it. I never know what to do with my even after all the things I read on this website. Idk what my hair type is but I want to say all of the 2 wavy hair types in different sections on my head. I got an afro cut and my hair was pretty defined for a little bit as there was some 3a/3b curls but since then I grew the layers out and it's just a big mess. I can't afford to get that haircut every other week (as much as I want to). My little brother has 3a curls all around his head and my little sister has 3b, so I'm frustrated as to why my hair pattern is so inconsistent. :( I got a perm when I was way younger but I'm 15 now so I'm pretty sure my hair isn't damaged either since I've been taking care of it. Im really considering a curly perm at this moment. 

1 Answer

Loving your natural hair type is probably one of the hardest steps in the transitioning, at least for me. I understand your hair type, mine is 2c/3a which is "s" shaped waves mixed with some tight ringlet type curls (not to mention really really bad layers that I'm trying to grow out). Right now I feel so insecure, ugly, and hopeless (not to mention that I live in a family of stick- straight haired people). But I guess that trial and error is part of the method, which you and I need to keep in mind, 1) doesn't last forever and 2) is part of transitioning. I combat my mixed hair type by separating out the ringlets with my fingers to make them into individual wave looking things. Since your hair responded well to being in a layered afro cut, I would say that the length is what is stretching it out and making it appear to be different curl types (the longer the strand is, it gets weighed down and loosens the curl). I would also try a curly mouse in order to increase volume in the undefined curl type sections, it worked for me.