How do I manage the three different wave/curl patterns on my head?

I have stick straight bangs/face framing pieces of hair, a dry, frizzy lightly wavy canopy, and a beautiful underlayer of big ringlets (ugh, why is the best part of my hair hidden underneath?) I have fine hair but a lot of it, and I'm high porosity and color treated. I'm currently wearing a blunt bob just above my shoulders, I know it's not the best cut for wavy hair but I had very scraggly, heat/bleach/thinning shear damaged layers and I just wanted to chop those off and start over. I don't do much in the way of styling, I wash twice a week, apply leave in conditioner, and scrunch with gel... sometimes I diffuse, sometimes I   don't. I'm overall content with my hair, but I was wondering if there were any tips and tricks I could try to make my waves more uniform! I think the straight parts of my hair annoy me the most :/

1 Answer

I have a similar thing, with 2c on the top 3a in the middle and 3b underneath! hahaha I feel the same way, the straighter parts drive me nuts!I believe that mine was caused partly by damage (hair dye :p) and it's partly natural, some people just have multiple patterns!As far as making it look more uniform I try to make sure the top has more moisture and then twirl  or twist the wavy/straight parts then scrunch a lot!