I have multiple questions. My hair is wavy-curly (medium length)

1)  Like half a day after I wash it, it becomes messy and frizzy and tangled again. Any way to prevent this?2) My hair spent basically spent the past few years in a ponytail (most of the time). Is it better to keep it out?3) Should wavy/curly hair be brushed/combed at all? If yes, is it possible to make it less puffy when it's brushed?4) What are the best natural conditioners and products for this hair type (something like 2C)?Thanks!

1 Answer

Answer 1) Do you mess with your hair a lot after you get your product in it and it's drying/dry? I used to do this and it caused my hair to lose curl and frizz really bad. Hairspray also make my hair tangle really bad. 2) Wearing your hair in a pony tail constantly is bad for any hair. It can cause your hair to weaken and break off. 3)Try using a leave in creme and a wide tooth comb to detangle.