i have oily scalp n fine low porosity type 2b hair.my hair grows very slow .please give me tips.

my hair dont grow after it reaches shoulder length.my tips get very dry thougth i moisturize them with almond n coconut oil.please suggest.i am from nepal so the product are notmuch available here.

3 Answers

apply the oil to damp hair after washing to seal in the moisture and that should help
To make your hair grow faster, you could apply castor oil and some other oil (coconut oil, olive oil, anything mositurizing really) to your scalp as a hot oil treatment. Since you have and oily scalp, I reccomend using a SUPER clarifying shampoo, like come clean from kinky curly. Good luck girl :)
because of your oily scalp you probably need yo was more often wich can really dry out your hair  try dispensing your shampoo with an application bottle or just focus on just your scalp dont worry about coating your hair with the shampoo (still shampoo your hair just not every time) after rinsing ide use conditioner to cowash the hair and condition of course