I recently cut my hair short and now my 2c waves are gone. Can I get my curls back?

I used to have long hair that was dragging out my curls so a week ago I cut it shoulder length in the hopes of allowing more bounce. Since cutting my hair, my curls are completely gone and I have straight hair. How can I get my curls back? I have virgin hair and don't straighten or blow-dry. Please help!

2 Answers

The exact same thing happened to me, its been about six months and I finally got them back.What I learnt is that 2C tends to be more curly when long than short, but you don't have to wait for it to grow back because haircut is very important too. I got a one length above the shoulders cut. (I had long and layered hair) A big change, and it seems hair waves or curls better on layers since it takes some weight. Another mistake they make is thinning the hair, this makes the ends and some strands go outwards instead of downwards, creating frizz and disrupting the curl pattern.Even though your hair is virgen it can be dry due to hard, water, weather, wind, sun and cold. So doing a deep conditioning treatment and regularly conditioning your hair is good idea.One last thing is your styling products and routine, you may want to change that. What you were doing may not be working and try not to use too much of a product, your hair is significantly shorter, so you should use less. I know I made that mistake, using more and the same, but short hair needs different care. So I recommend you to wait two weeks and go to get a new haircut with a new stylist. Make sure of the stylist first, explain your hair and what you want, keep the length change the shape. After that let your hair grow back or keep it like that but your 2c will be more of a 2b with short hair. Keep your hair hydrated and moisture and change your products and routine a bit. After I got a new cut, changed my products and hydrated it took me 2 weeks to get my waves/curls back. Your hair isn't as damaged as mine so it will be easier and faster for you. Do a good research on stylist and when you find a good one keep that stylist. Make sure of asking for layers, no thinning and V shape cut (they will know what shape is best on your length). Good luck!
The same exact thing happened to me. Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie saved my life, I cut my hair over a year ago and I've been using it ever since. Diffuse your hair along with applying your product and it will give you so much more definition !