How do I restored my hair?

I have wavy that was under-control. I was using coconut shampoo and coconut oil as a gel. I wanted to change my look so I dyed it and it went got extremely dried, I had to cut it short (I still have some color at the ends). Because I moved to another country I can't buy the same coconut shampoo, I changed to a regular supermarket one. Since then my hair lost all of its shaped, It's neither curly nor straight just puffy. I still use the oil as a gel and every week I put coconut oil in the entire hair for 30 min and rinse. How do I restore it back to its natural shape using simple and easily available ingredients?Picture: first one how it was. Next two after dye. Last one how it is now

1 Answer

Maybe the supermarket shampoo just isn't the right shampoo for you. Try out others and see what works best for your hair. Otherwise you could try to look for your favourite products on webshops that ship to your country. Good luck!