How do I style my wavy swavy type 2a hair? I'm desperate. I've wasted so much money on products.

I've tried every way to style my type 2a hair.  I'm considering a perm or chopping it off.

2 Answers

No !! No perms . Perm is a chemical that need so much  attention and nurshiments . I'd rather you go for the big chop because your hair will be full , healthy , and easy to maintain.  Wash , condition , and go!! 
I have the same hair type, I considered a perm too because I thought it might help with consistency in my hair (sometimes I have random straight peaces) I also liked the curl form the root look, but even with modern hair "technology", the perm is still kinda stuck in the 80s, I couldn't get the curl I wanted to get. so I decided NO PERM and I'm happy I did, I moved to California and my waves are back! (: I still need to find products so that is why I am following this question, but a good cut, especially from someone who knows how to cut curly/wavy hair. I think that's what helped my hair a lot. (: