How do I tame my messy wavy hair?

Hey, everyone! I'm new to this site, and my knowledge of hair in general is slim to none. When I was younger, I was a tomboy who couldn't care less about the way I looked, and so I never learnt how to deal with my hair. But over the past couple of years, my social anxiety has made me extremely paranoid about my messy hair. All I want is a simple solution to tame my waves, instead of constantly trying to fight them. I'm not sure what my hair type is exactly, but I'm guessing it's either 2a or 2b (underneath). The thing is, I used to have pin straight hair before puberty, and now it's just a mess of different textures and wave patterns. The top of my hair is generally quite flat, straight, and more prone to greasiness, whereas the bottom of my hair is thick and wavy. Also, the front of my hair is much easier to tame; it's thinner than the back, and holds the curl better, while the back of my hair is thick, frizzy, and kind of has a matted look to it.I've tried almost every routine suggested on the internet, but nothing seems to work. If I let it air dry, it looks even messier; if I diffuse it, it turns frizzy and loses more of its wave; if I plop, the top of my hair turns frizzy, and my waves looks clumpy and uneven; and if I brush it, it obviously turns into a ball of fluff.At the moment, all I do is braid it wet to keep the waves fairly consistent and tidy looking. I do like the way it looks with this routine, but it does have its problems: 1. My hair takes FOREVER to dry, so my showers have to take place before 5pm if I want it to be dry in the morning, 2. The waves looks unnatural, especially considering the top of my hair is always flat, 3. By the second day, my hair turns back into its natural, frizzy mess. Last night, I tried letting it air dry again. I combed it through, blotted with a t-shirt, then scrunched some of the water out (like I said, my hair takes forever to dry, so scrunching doesn't really do much). The front of my hair looked pretty nice, but the back looked horrific. I tied it in a loose, low ponytail overnight, and while the front stayed more or less the same, the back turned even messier. I really don't know what to do! I've heard people say that wavy hair - especially type 2a - is really easy to handle, but my hair is a nightmare to deal with. I'm tired of feeling so self-conscious about the way it looks, and I definitely don't want to return to my high school habits of straightening it all the time. Sorry for the essay... I just really want to start treating my hair right. I'd really appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you so much!

1 Answer

Are you protecting your hair as you sleep? Do you use a satin pillowcase or sleep with a satin sleep cap? If you don't, I suggest buying a Buff to protect it while you sleep. It's an exercise multi purpose cloth. You might be frizzing out the back of your hair by sleeping on it. You might also want to try some curl clips so that the top of your head dries with volume. Brushing your hair can break up your curl pattern, maybe try finger combing and detangling instead? I hope this helps make your routine simpler and more effective. I can't recommend any products but recommendations on products are all over this site, especially since they've released the best of the best list.